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The TV channel launched is now on ice due to COVID-19 and over the next six months we will be working on developing a channel that offers a unique service to both viewers and our contributors. Our Founder and CEO, Sean McMahon, announces what 2021 has in store for everyone!

Q: How's the channel been performing since launch?

Sean: "Okay" would be the honest answer. Since launch we have had so many obstacles thrown in the way, and we've managed to overcome most of them. The biggest ongoing issue is upload and download speeds. This is something we are attempting to address in 2020 and should result in more content for the re-launch. The subscriber figures had been increasing dramatically over the past six months and we're happy with the growth so far.

Q: What's the new 'premium' service you are launching?

Sean: Well the plan was to launch the channel online which we have done. This gave us the opportunity to establish ourselves in the markets we want to compete in and create a name for ourselves. I believe we have done that. The premium service combines what our vision will be going forward, with what our contributors have been asking for.

The service will move to more streaming devices and into new markets. This is really exciting as it opens up the channel to a massive market.

Q: Can you give us some examples and any major changes?

Sean: There are so many fabulous PPV and subscription channels out there, so we have to be different. We aim to continue to be cutting edge and with edgy content. We don't want content that looks like its from 1980 VHS archive, we want to invoke emotions and interests.

Q: Is the primary focus of the channel now wrestling?

Sean: It certainly looked that way looking back, but the answer is no. There are but a handful of promotions we will continue to work with, and we will be taking a very different approach when it comes to wrestling moving forward, especially considering the issues we have experienced first hand and those also coming to light in the press and social media recently.

Q: Is the price of the channel going to change?

Sean: Yes. We're moving to a PPV model, we trialled this previously and expect to return to this.

Sean McMahon, Founder & CEO

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