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Nothing Else On .TV

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

The TV channel is now on ice due to COVID-19 and over the next six months+ we will be working on different areas of digital video. We speak with Sean McMahon, Director, about these changes.

Q: What's happening with the TV channel

Sean: During the pandemic everything came to a grinding halt. We just could not go out and film safely. The same is said for many of our partners, so we took the decision to stop the channel.

Q: What's next?

Sean: We'll be releasing some of the programmes onto Youtube for viewers to enjoy, but our focus will be on social media and video for social media going forward. We will be working closely with Degu Media who have clients in the hospitality, events and publishing industries.

Q: When will the changes begin?

Sean: We're planning on relaunching in July 2021 and will be looking at creating some new jobs under the Kickstart programme and offering internships to those studying marketing, journalism or video production.

Sean McMahon, Founder & CEO

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