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Dwarfanators Exclusive

The 'Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling' promotion may not have been household name a few months ago but now are well and truly world famous and their first UK tour will re-debut on Nothing Else On .TV this Autumn (Fall)!

Making headlines and taking names!

When the Dwarfanators announced their UK tour, venues in Devizes and Leicester cancelled on the back of a complaint received by the Restricted Growth Association (RGA) who blasted the tour as a 'Victorian Freak Show', 'Grotesque' and called for it to be banned.

The competitors hit back, and hard, proving they are not a 'side show' but are in fact stars of the tour, they are both athletic and entertaining. They can do anything that 'average sized' wrestlers can do and more!

In fact, not only did they battle Mikey Fine & Axel Carter, so-called average sized wrestlers from Exposure Wrestling Entertainment, but they also crashed one of their shows and helped WWE NXT-UK Superstar Tyson T-Bone in his match against WWE Legend Renè Duprèe.

The Dwarfanators are now a household name and have earned the respect of the sold-out crowds that came to see their UK tour.

Do not miss this exclusive screening available this Autumn.

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