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Nothing Else On .TV


NothingElseOn.TV is the UK's first All-Access TV Channel.


Launched on 9th April 2019, we are an on-demand channel with a mix of programming which will include entertainment series, gaming, news, sports, kids TV, classic and independent films, University generated content, music videos, documentaries and comedy shows.


Being an all-access channel, we openly accept content from a variety of sources; independent filmmakers, media, sports clubs, tv production studios, universities, public domain access, freelancers and our in-house productions.


The channel will be a platform for everyone to showcase whilst airing programmes not normally seen on mainstream TV.



We operate an anti-discrimination policy and do not select programmes on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, religion etc but rather on their own merits.  



We will not air programmes that preach hate, discrimination or those of an extremely disturbing nature.  We reserve the right to refuse any programming and will not give a reason for refusal.



To submit your content, please complete the enquiry form below and email us at with any links.  If accepted, please send the programming via WeTransfer or DropSend to the same email address, clearing stating the title name.


The minimum period required is 3 months and you will retain the copyright at all times, at no point do you transfer copyright to us.  Below we will ask for your intended duration of either 3, 6 or 12 months.



In some cases, we will suggest edits to the programming and may be able to assist with this for free.  This would occur if a third party's copyright is infringed or we suggest an improvement to the final cut.  We would normally not seek to do this however, we may use the footage to create adverts, commercials or promos to promote the content and channel.



You should be aware that legal issues may arise if any part of your proposal is protected by copyright. Any (song) music, play, art or original material may have a copyright owner. That owner may be either the original creator who is alive or their estate (if deceased for less than fifty years), or another person or organization that has bought the copyright. Any person performing, recording, or presenting such a work must obtain permission from the owner of the copyright before the work is performed or recorded. It is the obligation of you or your organization to ensure that all copyright and usage permissions are secured prior to production. You must be the complete owner of the submitted material or have complete copyright control. This is your responsibility and you will be held responsible for any legal action taken if your submitted material is copyrighted and illegally submitted. 


By contacting us at Nothing Else On .TV you agree to our Privacy Policy and we will contact you only on the basis of your enquiry.