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Nothing Else On .TV

Started in Cardiff, Wales, Nothing Else On TV offers social media marketing and video for social media. We love quirky projects, and are open to enquiries.  Past projects include festivals, Volvo Ocean Race, Phillip Morris International, the Regional Awards, Dwarfanators, boxing, wrestling, tourism and hospitality industry projects.


From 1st March 2020, the channel will pause as we feel it is unsafe to continue working during the pandemic. We envisage re-opening around July 2021 if safe to do so and in-line with any guidance from  Government.

The 2020 show of 'Extreme Dwarfanator Wrestling' in the UK has been put on ice due to localised and international travel restrictions and until it is safe to resume.  The 2020 event of The Regional Awards Cardiff has also been canceled. 


We are taking this time to rebuild the online TV channel.

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TV Channel

Launched in July 2018, we are an on-demand channel with a mix of programming which will include entertainment series, gaming, news, sports, kids TV, classic and independent films, University generated content, music videos, documentaries and comedy shows.


Being an all-access channel, we openly accept content from a variety of sources; independent filmmakers, media, sports clubs, tv production studios, universities, public domain access, freelancers and our in-house productions.

Just get in touch if you would like your programmes featured.  The channel operated successfully for 6 months before being paused due to COVID-19 and has taken the decision to go back to redevelopment.  Our aim is to provide our own proprietary system, instead of using third party providers.

TV Production

We have produced our own TV series including 'Dwarfanators UK' and this is available on-demand exclusively on our channel.  We are currently working on a new TV series.

(image from Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling Tour, Cardiff)


Event Filming

We have 4K cameras, 360 degree cameras and stabilised cameras available for filming your event or programme.  They are available to record for post-event processing or for live streaming.  We've done everything from a venue launch to Volvo Ocean Race, awards events to festivals.

(image from The Regional Awards, Cardiff)

Social Media

We offer social media marketing services to those in the hospitality trade and publishing with an emphasis on great photography and engaging video in order to tell your story.

Aerial View of a Beautiful Property